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Seadoo top deck fastener upgrade kit
Seadoo top deck fastener upgrade kit
Seadoo top deck fastener upgrade kit
Seadoo top deck fastener upgrade kit

Seadoo top deck fastener upgrade kit

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If you have ever removed the top deck on any of the newer Seadoo models like the Fish Pro and GTX you may have run into issues with reinstalling the bolts that hold the top deck on.


This Top Deck fastener upgrade kit fixes a few problems -

The first being the separate nut & washer on the underside of the front two bolts, aside from the annoying fact you need to hold a spanner on the underside to undo them, once undone it is easy to accidentally drop them into the engine compartment where they can be impossible to find - this kit eliminates that problem with the front nut being fixed in place.

The second problem is that the other 11 nuts are loosely held in place in a large slotted hole with a plastic retaining clip meaning the threads can move out of alignment when you have the top deck off. They can also come un-clipped when reinstalling the top deck bolts or even just by leaning on them when working in the engine bay which results in the nut insert falling down inside the hull, often resulting in the entire top deck (13 bolts total) needing to be removed again to find and reinstall the nut insert.

Another benefit to this kit is that the strength of these mounting points is greatly increased as it is no longer reliant on a nut set in a plastic body. This is a great benefit when mounting accessories like our popular "Rear Seat Rod Holder Kit"  and will give you confidence especially when fishing for large pelagic fish.


Easy installation, just line up the upgraded fastener plates and drill and countersink 12 holes for mounting and install on the inside of the hull. Comes with all necessary stainless steel hardware.