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Sea-doo Fish Pro Storage Kit
Sea-doo Fish Pro Storage Kit
Sea-doo Fish Pro Storage Kit
Sea-doo Fish Pro Storage Kit

Sea-doo Fish Pro Storage Kit

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Need somewhere safe to store your knife and pliers? want a cup holder for that cold beer?

The Fish Pro storage kit simply bolts onto the side of the LinQ fishing cooler setup giving you 2x vertical rod holders so you can utilize your plastic rod holders elsewhere, a knife holder (with protective blade sheath cover to prevent any accidents), pliers holder and cup holder, with holes to attach leashes if you wish. Unlike others, this kit bolts on to the top AND bottom of the LinQ cooler making it very strong, strong enough to be used as a lifting point when removing a cooler full of fish (because everyone lifts coolers from the sides), only mounting at the top would leave the kit room to flex under weight eventually ripping out the plastic threads damaging your expensive cooler.

 Pre-drilled to accept Railblaza starport

The kit is organised in a smart design, locating all the smaller items nearest to the rider and to avoid you having to reach around rod holders to get the item you want.


With a cup holder being the perfect place to store a cold beer fresh out of the cooler, it is also a great place to quickly store lures when moving from spot to spot, to avoid breaking rods or having a swinging lure hook you in the ear.


Solid aluminium construction, tig welded assembly and powder coated finish for durability and long lasting good looks, bolts to the top and bottom edge of the cooler to retain maximum strength, lifting a cooler full of ice and fish will not break or flex this storage kit.

The rod holder tubes are press formed and also have a gimbal pin. The press forming process rolls the top and bottom edges of the tubes, creating smooth edges all around which will not damage your rod grips. Other brands almost always choose the cheaper option of a cut length of pipe with a plastic insert in the end, which protrudes into the pipe and can damage rod grips over time, yet claiming to prevent this, and can even come loose falling off and getting lost, that is why we opt for premium quality purpose built rod holder tubes.


Simple install within minutes, with no drilling or modification required.

Right side and Left side respectively when rider is sitting in riding position facing forward.

 Installation Video