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Fish Pro Rear Seat Rod Holders
Fish Pro Rear Seat Rod Holders
Fish Pro Rear Seat Rod Holders
Fish Pro Rear Seat Rod Holders
Fish Pro Rear Seat Rod Holders
Fish Pro Rear Seat Rod Holders

Fish Pro Rear Seat Rod Holders

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All prices shown in NZ Dollars

Also fit GTX and RXT from 2018 onwards, platforms with the same rear deck engine cover as the Fish Pro

Ideal for trolling, deep drops or any kind of fishing, these are built tough for the serious fisherman.

4 rod holder kit - 2x 35 degree angled rod holders and 2x vertical rod holders on your jet ski, tucked out of the way behind the rear seat, for fishing, trolling or storing a rod while dealing with your catch, 4 rod holders in total with lugs for tying rod leashes onto.

The rod holder tubes have gimbal pins and are press formed on both ends, creating smooth rolled edges which keep you safer if you were to fall on these while riding, and to prevent damage to your rod grips. It also has a great cosmetic benefit making it look like you are adding a quality part to your ski, not just cut pieces of pipe for rod holders, which can also be a serious danger if you were to fall back and hit your head on them!

The perfect accessory if you want to take fishing rods with you, but don't want the expense or hassle of having a dedicated fishing rack or Fish Pro LinQ cooler on the back on the ski. These kits are made strong and will suit any fishing application! Best of all you can still install your cooler in the forward or rear positions if you wish.

Also great for holding things such as flags, umbrellas and much more!

Solid aluminium construction, TIG welded for strength and finished in black powdercoat for durable long lasting good looks.


Sea-Doo missed the target when they manufactured their rod holders from plastic, as they simply aren't strong enough to trust with your expensive fishing rod. These rod holders are made from solid aluminium, and tig welded for strength.


 The rod holder tubes are press formed and also have a gimbal pin. The press forming process rolls the top and bottom edges of the tubes, creating smooth edges all around which will not damage your rod grips. Other brands almost always choose the cheaper option of a cut length of pipe with a plastic insert in the end , which protrudes into the pipe and can damage rod grips over time, yet claiming to prevent this, and can even come loose falling off and getting lost, that is why we opt for premium quality purpose built rod holder tubes.


100% bolt on installation, no modification or drilling required. Comes with all necessary stainless steel mounting hardware. Low mounted unintrusive design to avoid obstructing your legs when you move around the ski. This kit is compatible with having your LinQ cooler installed in both the back and front LinQ positions. Low and wide mounting base to give ultimate strength, not mounted up on a pedestal with a small circular ski pole base like other kits prone to leverage forces from being mounted higher on a smaller base, you wont find a stronger kit than this.


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