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Jetski Fishing Updates

As we approach the end of October, here in New Zealand the spring fishing is really starting to fire. I was out fishing in the Hauraki Gulf last week in hope of finding some hot fishing under working birds but had no luck doing so, however I did manage to find some good size Kingfish jigging around schools of Kahawai at Channel Island, the trip video has just gone live on Youtube, you can watch it right here! The Tungsten pocket rocket and the 170 gram Deep V jigs were the flavour of the day.


 You may have noticed in recent videos that I have installed a Bow Tether Rope onto the front of my ski, this really comes in handy when docking your ski, anchoring, using drogues, towing or just when you need to attach something to the front of your ski, as you will not be able to reach the tow hook without getting in the water. I have listed these on my website, they are made to a length to suit each model of ski, I have late model FX Waverunners in stock plus a few for the Sea-doo Fish Pro, the Fish Pro Bow Tethers I would prefer to sell local to New Zealand just to final check fitment is on point before making more, get in touch if you are interested in one, or check them out by following the link below.

I tested fuel economy on my trip to channel island and it is looking like I burnt 56L of fuel during the 155km round trip, not bad fuel consumption at all considering conditions weren't favorable for half the trip. As the average fuel consumption sits at 2.7km per Litre this would give me 243km of riding distance from my 90L fuel capacity!

My extended rear platform was also tested with the weight of the kingfish over the back of the ski, keeping the rear of the ski stable with the extra weight on board so all tests have been positive so far.


That is all for now, get out there and enjoy some of the exciting spring fishing!