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Spray Stopper
Spray Stopper

Spray Stopper

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The Spray Stopper is designed to give you a drier ride on the 2019 - 2021 FX series Waverunners. The nimble, nose favoring design of this particular hull which gives it it's great handling characteristics can sometimes mean a slightly wetter ride in certain choppy water conditions.


The Spray Stopper will help reduce the annoying small splashes from being directed upwards towards the riders face, instead deflecting them back down into the water keeping the rider drier for longer. A must have accessory for ocean riding or even choppy days out on the lake.


Made from durable polypropylene material this installs in 30 mins and comes with all necessary hardware needed for the install. 

Not suitable for trailers with very high positioned bow rollers/cushions as it can catch the spray stopper when launching/retrieving.


Installation Video