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Softbait Value Pack

Softbait Value Pack

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Sometimes when the fishing is tough or when fishing shallow water it is worth changing from metal lures to softbaits. This pack contains everything you need to go softbaiting or shallow water fishing, just add a rod & reel!

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It includes...

1x pack of 5 Stingaz jig heads

4x packs of various size/colour/style softbaits

1x Reel of 20lb flourocarbon leader

1x pack of Stingaz assist hooks

1x pack of Tuning blades

1x microjig

+ tackle box to keep things organised


The life like action of the Catch Fishing Livies softbaits can sometimes make the difference when the fishing is slow. The Stingaz jigheads with the 2nd attachment point enables various additions to the jighead to be added like tuning blades or Kabura skirts, experiment to see what works for you!


Note : Colours may vary slightly from pictured