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Fish Pro, GTX, RXTX 34 a/h battery upgrade

Fish Pro, GTX, RXTX 34 a/h battery upgrade

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-Installation video below-

**Full kit with battery is only available in New Zealand, Battery is not for worldwide shipping, Upgrade tray on it's own can be shipped international.

The most simple, reliable and cost effective way to upgrade your jetski's battery capacity is a large single battery. Only 1 battery needed, no extra wiring is needed, just install our upgraded stainless steel battery tray and install the 34 amp hour Motobatt AGM battery in factory position for almost the same battery capacity as the Seadoo dual battery system (34a/h for single motobatt vs 36 a/h for Seadoo dual battery), without the hassel and complication of any extra batteries or wiring. 

Introducing a second battery to the system can often introduce more areas for problems to arise, let alone the initial cost of 2x batteries instead of 1.  If one battery dies it can have a negative affect on the other, likewise the healthy battery can give you a false sense of security making you think both batteries are healthy when actually one is dead.

Complicated battery switching setups are a completely unnecessary cost. Switching/charging systems or VSR's have been well known to be unreliable and quite often a point of failure on a jetski, as they are designed for the dry environment found in a boat, not the often damp hull off a jetski where corrosion will set in.

There simply isn't a more reliable battery setup than just having a large single battery, with enough power to make sure it will never go flat. With regular use and maintenance charging, it will not let you down.

Please read the Motobatt charging and maintenance guidelines here

Installation video