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Fish Pro rod holder replacement pack

Fish Pro rod holder replacement pack

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Replace or upgrade your rod holders for almost identical cost to the plastic Fish Pro rod holders.

Made from marine grade aluminium, tig welded assembly and powder coated black, these rod holder packs are designed to be a simple bolt on upgrade to replace your plastic Seadoo rod holders.

The Fish Pro rod holders have been known to have weak points like the gimbal pins breaking leaving rods with alloy or plastic gimbal butts to fall right through the holder and dig into (and damage) the foam matting on your Fish Pro when you are travelling to your spots.

These rod holder tubes are individually press formed to give a superior rod holder shape with rolled edges top and bottom that have no sharp edges so no need for cheap looking plastic caps you see fitted to inferior kits. They also have welded in gimbal pins to hold your rod in position.

Instead of buying more plastic rod holders, you can fit one of these packs (or as many as 4 packs) to solve your rod holder problems and pimp out your cooler. These will fit on the Left and right side and also the two rear positions, giving you up to 12 vertical rod holders!

Simple installation with no drilling or modifications required