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Fish Pro Footwell Rod Holder + Bottle Holder
Fish Pro Footwell Rod Holder + Bottle Holder

Fish Pro Footwell Rod Holder + Bottle Holder

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Front mounted foot-well rod holders are the ultimate position for trolling, and even have a handy place to store a drink bottle! Trolling with these rod holders means your rods are in front of your line of sight, meaning you don't have to keep turning around to check on your rods. The kit also has a more vertical angled holder for commuting from spot to spot, and holes for rod leashes to secure your rods in rough conditions.

In my opinion Sea-Doo missed the target when they manufactured their rod holders from plastic, as they simply aren't strong enough to trust with your expensive fishing rod. These rod holders are made from solid aluminium, and tig welded for strength.

The rod holder tubes are press formed and also have a gimbal pin. The press forming process rolls the top and bottom edges of the tubes, creating smooth edges all around which will not damage your rod grips. Other brands almost always choose the cheaper option of a cut length of pipe with a plastic insert in the end, which protrudes into the pipe and can damage rod grips over time, yet claiming to prevent this, and can even come loose falling off and getting lost, that is why we opt for premium quality rod holder tubes.


Simple installation requiring no drilling or modification however these can only be used on ski's without the Sea-Doo audio system.


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